Gypsy Soul Handmade Purses

One of a kind

Perfectly Imperfect

Recycled Jeans and Coffee Sacks 

I make my handbags to celebrate strong, courageous women who are survivors. We have all survived something!

Love Frida Kahlo because she was wildly creative in spite of being in great pain.

The Vintage Pinup Girls are favorites because they are just so fun!

And of course, I adore the WWII Rosie the Riveter image to remind us that together we can do it!.    

1. Senorita Jean Bag with Coffee sack on the back. Crossbody strap, fully lined.  $25.00

2. Senorita Jean Bag, Coffee sack back. Crossbody strap, fully lined. $25.00

3. Leopard Frida Coffee Sack back with phone pocket.  $25.00

4. Frida on Jeans with crochet flowers and 'Costa Rica' coffee sack back. $25.00

5. Phone pouch with flaming heart tropical back. $10.00

6. Frida bag with cool vintage pin and butterfly, Coffee sack back with phone pocket. $25.00